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(US/dc) Tips for eating vegan in the workplace

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    We’ve all been there: You’re trying to adopt a new personal routine, and something stressful at work—a looming deadline, a big presentation, or a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2013
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      We�ve all been there: You�re trying to adopt a new personal routine, and
      something stressful at work�a looming deadline, a big presentation, or a
      hard-to-meet quota�makes it hard to stay on track. For those considering
      adopting a vegan diet, here are some tips from Susan Levin for sticking to
      it during the workday.

      Stock up on easy snacks. Levin recommends keeping vegan-friendly snacks at
      the ready so you�re less tempted to cheat. Whole-grain pretzels or dried
      fruit stored in a resealable container are good options to keep in a desk
      drawer. If you have access to a refrigerator, she suggests opting for
      hummus and baby carrots.

      If you�re in a hurry, it doesn�t have to be fancy. Eating vegan doesn�t
      necessarily mean eating something that�s freshly prepared. Levin said that
      most grocery stores, from Safeway to Whole Foods, have a wide range of
      vegan frozen-food options at inexpensive prices.

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