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(US/dc) Elizabeth Kucinich and the Veggie Caucus celebrate Earth Day

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    Elizabeth Kucinich may be the best thing that ever happened to D.C.’s vegetarian movement. “Happy Earth Day, everybody!” she said to Monday’s
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2013
      Elizabeth Kucinich may be the best thing that ever happened to D.C.�s
      vegetarian movement.

      �Happy Earth Day, everybody!� she said to Monday�s standing-room-only
      audience in the Capitol Visitors Center, embracing the roomful of young
      Hill staffers with a collective hug of approval. �And Happy Veg Week �
      although every week is veg week for us.�

      Unrelated news flash: The gorgeous former congressional spouse, now a
      lobbyist for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, breezed in
      with a new, cropped haircut instead of flowing red tresses. �It�s all off,�
      she told us. �I�m liberated!�

      The gathering was the first- ever event for the Congressional Vegetarian
      Staff Association � aka the Veggie Caucus. Never heard of it? Neither had
      we, although we just assumed it dated back to the granola days of the

      Not even close: It was founded a mere six weeks ago, when half a dozen
      staffers decided they wanted more vegetarian options in the Hill
      cafeterias. �Anything other than beans they seemed to have a hard time
      with,� co-president Adam Sarvana, who works for Arizona Democrat Rep. Raul
      Grijalva. Roll Call wrote a small article, and a movement was born.

      full story:

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