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(US/ca) Perks of being a vegan

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    Ron McGill has found the fountain of youth. It’s 6 a.m. A Phillips Wake-Up lamp emits light, gradually brightening a thermal curtained room and within 30
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2013
      Ron McGill has found the fountain of youth.

      It�s 6 a.m. A Phillips Wake-Up lamp emits light, gradually brightening a
      thermal curtained room and within 30 minutes naturally awakes the
      34-year-old vegan and Cal State Fullerton communicative disorders major.

      After a 20-minute candle lit meditation, the healthy 136-pound vegan heads
      to the kitchen and whips up an energy-packed smoothie. He throws in
      bananas, raw almonds, raw walnuts, almond milk, hemp protein, flax seed,
      raw oats and peanut butter into a two horse-power motored Vitamix blender.
      Although, McGill has only been vegan for five months, he�s maintained a
      vegetarian diet for 11 years.

      �I also went vegetarian on and off since junior high, but I got sick
      because I didn�t know what I was doing,� he said.

      McGill has lost 11 pounds since going vegan.

      �My doctor was stunned by my health and even asked me to join his Facebook
      page so I can share recipes with him,� he said.

      McGill, along with his twin brother and friend, created a Facebook page
      called �Feed Me Vegan,� where vegan recipes, experiences, causes and
      concerns are shared.

      �The current state of food in America. Organic food is harder and harder to
      come by,� said Mike, McGill�s twin. �We want to share recipes in hopes that
      we can change some people�s minds about eating meat and in hopes that we
      can enlighten them on a better and healthier way to eat.�
      �I decided to go vegan because I like the way I feel,� McGill said. �The
      more I looked at it and realized, wow, this is an actual thing, an animal,
      it just freaked me out. I understand certain cultures only have a choice of
      eating meat, but we have a choice here and it�s healthier and we�re lucky
      to have that choice.�

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