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(US/pa) V For Veg: Veggies: The secret to moist, vegan-friendly desserts

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    [Philly.com - opinion] I SAW AN ad the other day pushing bacon as an ideal Valentine s Day gift, and I had to laugh. It s like saying, Here, sweetheart, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2013
      [Philly.com - opinion]

      I SAW AN ad the other day pushing bacon as an ideal Valentine's Day
      gift, and I had to laugh. It's like saying, "Here, sweetheart, I want
      you to die sooner!"

      OK, I know this holiday is not about eating "right." It's about
      something bigger, and that something is love. Love and chocolate.

      Dark chocolate is the treat that loves you back. Healthwise, you can
      have your chocolate cake and eat it, too, especially if you mix it
      with - don't laugh - fruits and veggies.

      It's not a new idea. In 2007, Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, smuggled
      "sneaky beets" into chocolate cake with her Deceptively Delicious
      cookbook and recipes. Decades earlier, at least one woman, who shall
      remain unnamed, repeatedly and tirelessly cooked up zucchini- and
      spinach-laced chocolate cakes for her hapless kids, a trauma from
      which they're likely still reeling. (Hi, Mom!)

      But there is a trend: The queen of fine vegan chocolate, Allison
      Rivers Samson, has noted "a recent revolution in salty and spicy
      chocolate flavors." She's added chipotle cinnamon fudge to her
      Allison's Gourmet line. In this fudge, "warming cinnamon adds extra
      depth while a touch of chipotle chili spices it up without setting
      your mouth ablaze."

      full story:

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