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(AU) A cut above: the making of a meat-free butcher

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    There can t be too many people who can say it was actor Tobey Maguire who inspired them to open a business. But the vegan actor s liking for the cooking of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2013
      There can't be too many people who can say it was actor Tobey Maguire
      who inspired them to open a business. But the vegan actor's liking for
      the cooking of vegetarian chef Suzy Spoon was the catalyst for her
      opening a vegetarian butcher shop.

      Spoon has been cooking vegetarian and vegan food for more than 20
      years and was Maguire's personal chef when he was recently in
      Australia filming The Great Gatsby. After Maguire said he preferred
      her products to other well-known brands, Spoon was inspired to start
      Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher, with co-founder Chris Moses, who looks
      after the financial and operations side of the business.

      “I decided that there would be a lot of people cooking for Toby so if
      he really liked my food then that meant other people would like my
      products as well,” the Sydney chef says.
      Spoon's opened in September in the inner-city suburb of Enmore. It is
      Australia's only vegetarian butcher and in its short history has been
      well-received by both walk-in customers and those ordering online.

      “One customer drove down from Queensland specifically just to buy from
      the shop,” Spoon says. “Then they turned around and drove back the
      next day.”

      Spoon makes her fare on-site by hand; there is no machinery used. At
      the moment she offers seven products, with the most popular being the
      Sunday Sausages and the Vienna-style Schnitzel.

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