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(UK) Vegan violence is enough to turn me off a diet of lentils

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    [Telegraph.co.uk - opinion] The campaign of human branding by vegan extremists taps into a puritanical streak that goes back to the Roundheads ... What would
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2013
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      [Telegraph.co.uk - opinion]

      The campaign of "human branding" by vegan extremists taps into a
      puritanical streak that goes back to the Roundheads
      What would convince me to give up meat? Grocery bills that make me
      wince, and the threat of finding a stray horse hair in my burger have
      yet to persuade me to swap gammon for lentils. Ditto, my friendship
      with Nikki Page, the gorgeous former Tory mayoral candidate, whose
      diet of garlic and pulses has given her the figure of a teenager. I
      can do a day or two without it, but in the end I relish a juicy slab
      of succulent meat, on or off the bone, rare or well done.

      The manic organic vegans, however, think they’ve come up with a way to
      turn us all off animal flesh. Coming in March, to a location in London
      yet to be announced: human branding. Yes, a vegan named Becky Folkard
      will brandish a burning iron and stamp a human volunteer with it, to
      protest at the treatment meted out to animals. This won’t be the first
      event of its kind: a young man was branded in Tel Aviv, last October.
      He had to be restrained by fellow vegans as he writhed in agony on the
      ground. And across the Atlantic, Emily Moran Barwick, an arts
      graduate, plans to do the same in Iowa City, if the city manager
      issues her a permit to do so.

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