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(US/wi) Guest column: New year, a new - vegan!

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    [Herald Times Reporter - opinion] They re the words every parent of a teenage daughter hopes never to hear... Mom, Dad, I m vegan. Vegan!! Vegan?? But how
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
      [Herald Times Reporter - opinion]

      They're the words every parent of a teenage daughter hopes never to hear...

      "Mom, Dad, I'm vegan."

      "Vegan!! Vegan?? But how in the world could this have happened in our
      family? Haven't we raised you religiously on breakfasts teeming with
      chicken eggs, pig meat and numerous forms of cow bi-products? Lunches
      of bologna, tuna fish and grilled cheese sandwiches? And what about
      all those suppers we lovingly prepared chocked full of hamburger and
      various chicken parts?

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