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(US/fl) Weight gain after Thanksgiving? Go Vegan

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    [video at full story link] WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- We have carrots and celery which we don t usually see in tacos . Tacos without meat? It s one of the recipes
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2008
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      [video at full story link]

      WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- "We have carrots and celery which we don't
      usually see in tacos". Tacos without meat? It's one of the recipes
      whipped up in a Vegan class at Nutrition Smart Health Food Store in
      Palm Beach Gardens every week. Vegans avoid dairy, eggs and any meat
      products. Rene Oswald is the author of Transitioning To Living
      Cuisine. She started her vegan path 15 years ago, eventually becoming
      a raw vegan. "I had a rare incurable digestive disorder and I was a
      nurse and worked in the medical field and when they told me there was
      nothing they could do for me but give me 23 medications to relieve my
      symptoms I said wow. I need to look at what I can do, alternative
      wise". Oswald turned to eating foods in their natural state and
      avoided processed foods.

      Her student Elsa Perez also made the change after battling breast and
      thyroid cancer. She and others found it not only helped them
      medically, but also helped them lose weight. "Since 2 1/2 years I've
      lost 20 pounds it was hard in the beginning so I had to change my
      whole kitchen". Brenda Geesy says she has seen a change in her
      health."Well my husband had a heart attack and quadruple bypass
      surgery, I had a sister with cancer and we started looking at changing
      our diet big time. I have six children, been married 33 years and I
      actually weigh less now than when we got married".

      full story:

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