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(CA) Reasons why we should all be vegetarian

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    [Times and Transcript - opinion] Last Monday Gwynne Dyer wrote an article about the food crisis that the world is facing. He chose as the point of conflict the
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      [Times and Transcript - opinion]

      Last Monday Gwynne Dyer wrote an article about the food crisis that
      the world is facing.

      He chose as the point of conflict the creation of ethanol -- and
      rightly so; if food becomes fuel for machines, we are in trouble given
      the insatiable need our culture seems to have for fossil fuels. Dyer
      quotes information saying that at present 30 per cent of America's
      grains go to ethanol and while that number will continue to rise there
      is a looming crisis in terms of feeding people.

      On Thursday CBC Radio ran an interview on using potatoes to produce
      plastics -- or at least, plastic replacement products. Again, same

      This is completely true and part of our global environmental problem.
      Eliminating ethanol, however, is not the easiest way to solve the food
      crisis. Vegetarianism is.
      At the same time, it just doesn't make sense anymore to raise animals
      for food; if for no other reason, then because the population of the
      Earth will soon surpass our ability to raise livestock and we will be
      forced to live off grains and plants.

      There are two books I urge you to read if you want more information on
      what I am about to say: "Diet for a Small Planet" by Frances Moore
      Lappé; and "Becoming Vegetarian" by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis.
      Both of these will explain the nutritional science and debunk a lot of
      the myths surrounding vegetarianism; as well as giving some pretty
      compelling social reasons to choose to eat differently.

      Consider this: Food animals are raised, by and large, in an inhumane
      manner. 10 billion animals, not including fish, are slaughtered in
      North America every year to feed us; and despite what we might like to
      think, they are subject to appalling growth, transport and slaughter
      practices. Animals do have rights, and they certainly do have
      feelings. We would never treat our pets the way we treat our food; and
      yet many breeds of livestock are more aware than some of our pets.
      Seriously though -- there is an ethical reason to get on board; and
      whether we like it or not, the day is coming quite soon when we will
      have to admit we simply cannot grow enough food, or collect enough
      water, or waste enough fuel transporting the animals we use for food.
      It would be easier to start making the changes today -- who knows, you
      might even live longer.

      n Brett Anningson is a resident of Moncton and a writer who strives
      for a deeper perspective of life and society. His column appears in
      this space every Monday. He may be reached via e-mail at
      brettanningson@..., or visit his blog at

      full story:

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