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(US-ca) Vegetarian Victory!

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    [Daily Nexus - opinion - comments at full story link] When I was in sixth grade, I declared to the world that I would eat nothing with a face. In addition to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2008
      [Daily Nexus - opinion - comments at full story link]

      When I was in sixth grade, I declared to the world that I would eat
      "nothing with a face." In addition to beef, pork and chicken, this
      included seafood. As a lifelong animal lover - owning cats, dogs,
      birds and fish - I could not separate the animals I cuddled and played
      with from the slaughtered animals on my dinner plate. I spent three
      years as a vegetarian but started eating meat again at the beginning
      of high school because I became anemic from not eating enough
      iron-rich foods. Now that I cook for myself and understand how to
      supplement meat in my diet, I learned how to change my behavior to
      make my life more healthy and sustainable by being a vegetarian. In my
      earlier years, cutting meat out of my diet was equated with saving
      animals, but now, being more environmentally conscious, I greatly
      value the energy-saving qualities of vegetarianism.
      A preconceived notion about vegetarianism is that it is impossible, or
      nearly impossible, to be a healthy vegetarian. That is wholly untrue.
      Eating a healthy diet requires paying attention to the minerals and
      nutrients put in the body whether meat is consumed or not. People need
      a daily average of 50 grams of protein, and this is easily achieved
      through eating eggs, grains, cheese and legumes. When reading
      "Vegetarianism for Dummies," the author pointed out a misconception
      that people think red meat is the only viable iron source available.
      However, lentils, soy beans, nuts and eggs all contain considerable
      amounts of iron. A daily multivitamin should also be taken to make up
      for any further deficiencies.
      Two weeks deep into Winter Quarter, I have yet to consume any meat. I
      do not believe I will ever dip into the more restrictive vegan diet,
      but I feel better knowing fewer animals were harmed fewer energy
      resources were used to fill up my dinner plate. By becoming a
      vegetarian, I have consequently become more aware of what I eat, and I
      feel like I will become healthier because of this growing nutritional

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