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(AU) Vegan maddies

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    [Brisbane Times - opinion - comments accepted at full story link below] Keep your knobbly-kneed, sharp-elbowed, sunken-cheeked, unhealthy-looking, weedy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
      [Brisbane Times - opinion - comments accepted at "full story" link below]

      Keep your knobbly-kneed, sharp-elbowed, sunken-cheeked,
      unhealthy-looking, weedy little bods to yourself
      I notice Adolph Hitler didn't make the A-list of famous vegetarians at
      the Happy Cow website. The nuts and berry set are happy to lay claim
      to the likes of Canadian post punk spunkette Avril Lavigne, but they
      come over all coy and quiet, sort of toeing-at-the-ground and humming
      way too loudly when the spectre of the maximum Nazi turns up with his
      wooden Buddha bowl looking for a big feed of leaf and twig. Oh, and
      look, Charles Manson and Pol Pot, two more committed rabbit food fans
      are also missing in action.

      But I don't know that I'd be so quick to show them the door if I was
      running the International Vegetarian Conspiracy, because this new idea
      they've had, of withholding sex from anyone with a bit of sausage
      breath, is gonna seriously restrict the dating market for censorious,
      gimlet-eyed vegan maddies.
      So, I propose a counter offer to the vegans. You keep your knobbly
      kneed, sharp-elbowed, sunken-cheeked, unhealthy looking, weedy little
      bods to yourself.

      The rest of us is going out to get some flesh.

      Aren't we?

      full story:

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