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(US-ny) Veggie dish meets meat

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    [Press & Sun-Bulletin] She may not eat meat, but that doesn t mean she won t cook it ... Carol Shiffner has spent countless summers enveloped in the sights,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
      [Press & Sun-Bulletin]

      She may not eat meat, but that doesn't mean she won't cook it
      Carol Shiffner has spent countless summers enveloped in the sights,
      smells and sounds of the Jersey shore. However, she has been a
      vegetarian since she was 14.

      "I'm a blue crab girl!" she said. "The string, the chicken necks (as
      bait) ... I loved catching them. I cook them but I've never eaten

      Wait a minute, how could that be?

      "My mother had a food rule, if we tried something three times and
      didn't like it, she wouldn't make us eat it," Shiffner explained.

      So at age 14, Shiffner had never developed a taste for meat. Being a
      vegetarian was just a way to describe her dining preference. It wasn't
      until her later teens that she linked her food choices to animal
      rights. But, after taking various human biology courses, being a
      vegetarian simply became a matter of living a healthier life.

      But, make no mistake, this vegetarian can grill a steak with the best
      of chefs and takes enormous pride in her ability to cater to both
      vegetarians and carnivores sitting at the same dining table.

      "I've put a lot of dishes together that I've never tasted," Shiffner
      explains. She approaches each dish like it was a painter's canvas,
      producing a carefully orchestrated combination of colors and smells.

      full story:

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