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    [Grist Magazine - opinion] With this week s new study in Science about the collapse of the world s fisheries, I think it s appropriate once again to examine a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2006
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      [Grist Magazine - opinion]

      With this week's new study in Science about the collapse of the
      world's fisheries, I think it's appropriate once again to examine a
      topic that doesn't get enough attention: our diets. Not only does
      eating fish exacerbate the collapse of marine ecosystems and lead to
      the death of millions of other creatures, including turtles, dolphins,
      and whales, but the energy used to catch deep-sea fish is equivalent
      to factory-farmed beef.

      That wasn't a typo. Eating most types of fish is like eating Big Macs
      in terms of the environmental impacts, and probably worse.
      Vegetarianism isn't for everyone, but if you care about the
      environment you owe it to yourself to examine your diet and think long
      and hard about whether meat, poultry, and fish are really all that
      important to you. Even reducing them in your diet makes a big
      difference. With amazing vegetarian food available virtually
      everywhere, you may come to realize you don't even have to sacrifice
      eating pleasure and satisfaction.

      full story:

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