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(US) Navigating the guilt in the grocery aisles

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    [from Washington Post] I can t decide what to eat. I don t mean which recipe to make, or what restaurant to go to. I mean when I go grocery shopping, I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      [from Washington Post]

      I can't decide what to eat. I don't mean which recipe to make, or what
      restaurant to go to. I mean when I go grocery shopping, I'm paralyzed
      with indecision. Everything, it seems, is either ethically,
      nutritionally or environmentally incorrect. Guilt is ruining my

      Take the other day when I went to buy eggs. Sounds easy, but this is
      the dialogue that played in my head as I stared at six shelves of egg
      cartons: "Should I buy the omega-3 eggs that are supposedly good for
      my heart? But wait, they're not organic. Maybe I should spring for the
      $3.50 organic eggs from Horizon, even though I read that the company
      has gotten so huge it's driving out the smaller organic farmers.

      "Perhaps I should get the cage-free eggs from a small farm in
      Pennsylvania? Or the brown eggs from vegetarian-fed, free-roaming
      hens? Oh, never mind. I need to save money. So what if the hens are
      living a miserable existence in the poultry version of the state pen.
      The eggs are only 79 cents. I have bills to pay." The point is,
      choosing what to eat and drink has become hard work.
      Books such as Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation" (Houghton Mifflin,
      2001) have raised questions about the humane treatment of cattle and
      of the immigrants working in packing plants. Critics wonder how
      closely the federal government really inspects the meat we eat. The
      feds say our meat supply is safe, but companies aren't required to
      announce recalls of contaminated beef.

      And what about that Texas cow discovered last year to be infected with
      mad cow, the brain-wasting disease? Government officials played it
      down; should we trust them?

      Switch to chicken? Oh, wait. Avian flu. Salmonella. Chickens raised in
      factory farms. Manure runoff polluting the Chesapeake Bay.
      Chicken-of-the-sea becoming literally true.

      I think I need to lie down.

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