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(PI) ‘Set them free!’

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    [from Manila Bulletin] Young animal rights activist wants to see the day that all animals are free and are back in their natural habitats... ... It s not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2006
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      [from Manila Bulletin]

      Young animal rights activist wants to see the day that all animals are
      free and are back in their natural habitats...
      It's not unusual for children, even for adults, to feel specially
      attached to animals that they have raised. A lot would do anything for
      their pets, oftentimes treating them as part of their own human world.
      No plush toy or pet food is ever too expensive, and the death of a
      cherished pet is mourned as sincerely as the passing of a human loved

      And then there are those whose love for animals extends to every
      animal. They picket fastfood chains, they climb fashion runways to
      protest the use of fur, and they are probably vegetarians out of
      compassion for animals that are being slaughtered to provide the meat
      in the human diet.
      While Alarcon may not be a buxom blonde or a handsome model, she
      nevertheless has her beliefs — ones that she's had since her college
      years — to back her up.

      Alarcon's passion for animal rights began five years ago with her
      decision to go vegetarian.

      "When you're in college, you're so issue-driven and you want to change
      the world, and I thought that fighting for the rights of animals was
      one of the greatest things to do since they are one of the most
      disenfranchised and marginalized sector of society," she relates.
      "When I found out that PETA had a job opening here in the country, I
      pounced on it immediately because it was an opportunity for me to
      actually do something."
      "Do it in your own way," she says. "If you have a companion animal at
      home, make sure they are spayed and neutered. If possible, go
      vegetarian. Try to buy cruelty-free products because a lot of our
      cosmetics are being tested on animals when there is no need for it.
      Humans are animals too, and to take animal rights to heart works for
      our own interest."

      But in a country that is always on the brink of some form of political
      upheaval, should the rights of animals still be on the top of the
      list? Alarcon firmly believes so, saying that fighting for the rights
      of animals involves so much more than protesting the use of fur.

      "Everything in the world is interconnected," she explains. "When you
      talk about pollution, a lot of it is connected to the meat industry,
      the fur industry. All that we do for animals goes back to helping
      humans as well."

      full story:

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