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9762(US-nc) Vegetarian diets have many variations

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    Mar 1, 2006
      [from Greensboro News Record]

      It used to be easy to classify foodies: You were either a meat eater
      or a vegetarian.

      The answer to that simple question told dinner hosts if they should
      make pasta primavera or steak stir-fry. It was all you really needed
      to know.

      But like so many other things, classifying eating habits has become complicated.

      Some vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy. Others eat dairy but not
      eggs. Still others eschew red meat but feast on fish.

      Vegans don't eat, wear or use animal products such as honey, wool or
      cosmetics tested on animals.

      There's even room for those who flirt with a vegetarian lifestyle but
      can't resist cutting into a juicy steak every few months.

      Whether you ditch meat for animal rights or to lower your cholesterol,
      going veggie is easier than ever.

      Local eateries such as Natty Greene's and Metro Gourmet provide
      vegetarian offerings. Even Burger King has a veggie burger on its

      Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza offers a soy-based nondairy vegan cheese to top
      its custom pies.

      And Boba House, a Tate Street restaurant, offers an exclusively
      vegetarian menu with vegan options.

      "When this idea of a complete vegetarian restaurant came to my mind
      three years ago, and given that I graduated from UNCG, the type of
      clientele I had in mind were my fellow college students," owner
      Kieuanh Ho says.
      And eating out is no longer a dilemma.

      "A few years ago if I wanted to eat out, I really couldn't find much,"
      she says. "But now it's a lot easier. There are so many more options."

      Want to give it a try? Here are some vegetarian recipes courtesy of
      vegetarian Web site www.vegcooking.com.

      full story:

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