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    Feb 1, 2006
      [opinion from Duke University The Chronicle Online]

      What do vegetarian food, Lady Foot Locker and ethnic dolls have in
      common? They're not default. If you're a vegetarian on a transatlantic
      flight, the default meal isn't going to work for you. You have to
      request a special meatless meal in advance.
      If a girl doesn't want a default white doll, she's got to specially
      request an ethnic one—just like the vegetarian requesting the meatless

      Having a set of defaults is of course not unique to American culture.
      In India, for example, people use the term "non-vegetarian" to refer
      to meals with meat. Last December while on a domestic flight in India,
      the flight attendant asked me whether I wanted a "veg or non-veg"
      lunch. Vegetarian is the default. Meals with meat are specially called

      I mention this distinction between nameless defaults and specially
      termed non-defaults to bring attention to what it's like to live as a
      non-default person relative to the larger society. As a vegetarian
      woman of South Asian heritage living in the United States, I am not
      default in many aspects of my identity and lifestyle.
      Presently, I believe these issues of identity can't be resolved; they
      can only be managed. Reminders of which categories of people aren't
      default—whether vegetarian food, Lady Foot Locker or ethnic dolls—are
      simply part of the human condition.

      Preeti Aroon is a graduate student in public policy. Her column runs
      every other Wednesday. Toss in your two cents at:

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