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7891(US-or) Plants have feelings, too

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    Apr 8 4:33 AM
      [opinion from Daily Vanguard]

      A rebuttal to the hypocrisy of some vegetarians
      "Oh, well I don't eat meat," was the condescending response when I
      generously offered my sandwich to a fellow party-goer a few months

      Her egotistical thanklessness boggled me. Having faced hunger once
      before due to economics I know that when starvation is real, you can't
      give a rat's ass about where the food comes from or whether it is meat
      or not. There are plenty of hungry people even in our own city that
      would just about kill their own mother for this sandwich. The shocked
      look on my face must have demanded an explanation, for she felt the
      need to clarify that she refused to eat anything that involved the
      torturing or killing of animals. Well, that's great, maybe even noble
      without the attitude.

      As we both parted away from the uncomfortable situation I caught a
      glimpse of the self-righteous vegetarian's shoes and smiled to myself:
      Nike and probably leather, as well.

      A vegetarian diet can be a healthy choice, but the logic behind many
      vegetarians and vegans decisions is flawed at best.

      Why are plants OK to harm? Can we just destroy acres of forest to grow
      corn? Sure! But don't you dare eat a cow or pig!
      The earth is one massive food web; one organism dies so another may
      live. Even plants can be parasitic. Therefore, eat what you want. If
      you are concerned for the animals involved do some research as not all
      meat is raised in the same manner. There are free-range chicken farms,
      cattle ranches etc. See how they are raised at your local ranch, see
      if they are treated humanely. If it seems satisfactory to you, support
      that method of raising animals by purchasing your meat from them.

      If you still cannot bear the thought that you are eating an animal and
      prefer to kill another organism for your food, don't be hypocritical
      and wear leather! Also, please do not even bother trying to influence
      my choices as it is insulting and it makes you look like an ass.

      Seth Lewin can be reached at advocate@....

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