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6047(US-ny) Provocatively packaged food for thought

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  • Animalconcerns
    Jun 1, 2004
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      An egg crate arrived in the mail. No, actually, it was a book inside an
      egg crate.

      It was shipped that way not because this book, called "Art and Cook"
      ($59.95, Allan Ben Studio, Inc. / Digital in Space) was particularly
      fragile, but because everything about it is a statement.
      The book is like no other cookbook, ever.

      It takes on issues about animal rights and animal treatment, conflict and
      war, technology, environment, you name it.
      The zipper image on the side of a Black Angus steer implores us to think
      about what goes inside a beef animal. I got that.

      But do we really care to think about that if we have already committed to
      making beef and pear skewers over crisp sweet potatoes and greens, the
      recipe on the facing page?

      And when I set out to make orange and Cognac beef stew over egg noodles,
      what am I to think about the matador holding a piece of red meat instead
      of red fabric?

      That is exactly the point, Allan Ben said. "Animals should not have to
      pay a price because we want a sport or to be entertained.

      "We bring the truth to the plate," he went on. "Now when you eat you know
      where it's coming from and what the results are, for better or worse. All
      other cookbooks - everything is wonderful, romantic, beautiful landscape,
      but it is illusion."

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