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4667(US) PETA draws bead on KFC - N.C. billboard company refuses to accept ads

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  • Animalconcerns
    Jan 1, 2004
      Colonel Sanders was a nice man, right? After all, he's the guy in the
      white suit with the black horn-rimmed glasses who hooked a nation on his
      fried chicken. So why is he holding a knife, ready to thrust it into a
      terrified, featherless chicken?

      The reason is that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thinks
      Sanders, or the company he founded, is a torturer. It's up there on the
      billboards that PETA is installing across the nation.

      But when PETA sought to rent space from North Carolina's Fairway Outdoor
      Advertising for the billboard, Fairway said no. Mark Moyer, the company
      president, said it was inappropriate. "It's just too violent," he said.
      "There are children in cars. People driving down the street, they can look
      away, but probably too late."
      "What they do would warrant felony cruelty charges if it was a dog or
      cat," said Bruce Friedrich, PETA's director for vegan outreach.

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