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3659US - A Sublime place for vegetarians to dine

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  • Orville A Knudsen
    Aug 1, 2003
      A Sublime place for vegetarians to dine


      Depending on their level of strictness, vegetarians are used to rigmarole
      when eating out, often having to question, explain, insist and compromise.

      So, for all vegetarians and vegans, macrobiotics and raw foodies within a
      hundred miles of Fort Lauderdale, your restaurant is here!


      The menu at this anomaly, which opened in June, offers all kinds of
      indulgences, including a full bar with organic spirits. Since, after all,
      signing up for a vegetarian lifestyle does not entail entering a convent.
      Just ask Pamela Anderson (who was at Sublime's opening).

      It all depends on your perspective, and co-owner Nanci Alexander's is all
      about animal rights. She and Terry Dalton, who opened the Unicorn in North
      Miami some three decades ago, created this paean to all things from the
      plant kingdom and are donating all profits to a foundation that helps