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21104Cathie & Dugald Semple – vegan pioneers!

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  • johnnysensible
    Oct 23, 2013
      Cathie & Dugald Semple practised & taught 'vegan living'  - ~ 100 years ago!

      4 quotes from Dugald – on diet 

      1) “Eggs were meant to produce chickens and not omelettes; and cow’s milk is a perfect food for a calf, but most assuredly not for a grown-up human being”
      The Vegetarian Messenger & Health Review, p. 237 - Dugald Semple – 1912

      2) Dugald had practised his ‘fruitarian’ & mainly ‘vegan’ diet from about 1905/6.

      “I began rather drastically over 50 years ago by cutting out not only all meat or flesh foods, but milk, eggs, butter, tea and coffee. Cheese I have never eaten; indeed I hate the very smell of this decayed milk. Next, I adopted a diet of nuts, fruit, cereals and vegetables. On this Edenic fare I lived for some ten years, and found that my health and strength were greatly improved. […] While I was in London (during World War I), I found it necessary to add some dairy products to my meals, but on returning to Scotland I gradually eliminated these again.” - Dugald writing in about 1963 – from -  HERE’S HARMLESSNESS An Anthology of Ahimsa - H. Jay Dinshah, Editor.


      3) The Scottish Vegetarian Society featured Dugald’s article entitled “Fruitarianism” in their Health Reform journal in August 1907. In it Dugald contested that:

      “By fruitarianism is meant a dietary consisting chiefly of nuts and fruits. Cooked cereals and vegetables are not necessarily excluded, although the exclusion of all cooked foods, should means and knowledge permit, will lead to better results. For this dietary it will be noticed that not only is flesh and meat omitted, but also the animal products milk and eggs. The use of these products by vegetarians has long been one of the chief objections to vegetarianism, especially in medical circles”.  - Health Reform, August 1907.


      4) “Most people do not die, they kill themselves with their knives and forks.” – Dugald quoted in a piece in – The Glasgow Herald – Oct 12, 1953