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20784Rooster Rescue - Happy Trails Needs Your Networking & Adoption Help

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    May 23, 2013
      United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-online.org/
      23 May 2013

      Rooster Rescue - Happy Trails Needs Your Networking & Adoption Help

      Happy Trails Farm
      5623 New Milford Road • Ravenna, Ohio 44266

      Dear Fellow Animal Advocate:

      Over the past six weeks, Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, Ohio has
      assisted in three separate cockfighting raids from Cuyahoga County and Ashtabula
      County, Ohio. The sanctuary is now housing nearly 150 cockfighting roosters and
      related hens. We are putting forth a valiant effort to place them ALL in
      approved homes over the next four weeks, to offer them a second chance at life.
      Many of these roosters are friendly, love to be held, and would make great
      family pets.

      Former fighting roosters cannot be placed together in a common area because they
      will indeed fight,* so at Happy Trails they are kept in separate cages. This is
      not a great life for these magnificent birds, and we are reaching out to you to
      ask for your help. Please spread the word that the next four weeks are being
      dedicated to finding homes for the rescued roosters. Anyone wanting more
      information can call the sanctuary at 330-296-5914 or email Annette Fisher
      directly at mailto:annette@...

      How can you help? Please post this Alert on your Facebook page, forward it in
      emails, adopt one or more of our birds, and help place them in your area. Happy
      Trails will provide transportation. Thank you for helping to find these roosters
      and hens compassionate, caring homes!

      Annette Fisher
      Executive Director
      Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary


      *UPC Note: Once their fear and trauma subside in a caring environment, many
      former “fighting” roosters can rehabilitate to live successfully with hens and
      even with other roosters. Given a chance to socialize with hens and to be part
      of a normal flock of chickens, most become happy, well-adjusted birds. Patience
      with them and comforting words and behavior can work wonders. For more
      information, see Chicken Care:

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      the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
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