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20627(US/or) Local vegan student touts life without animal products, gluten

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    Mar 24, 2013
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      [informative sidebar ("Tips for going vegan full or part time") at
      full story link]

      Benjamin Beeler sits down at a table in Goudy Commons on the
      Willamette University campus.

      His dinner consists of a green salad with two pears on the side and a
      dressing he made. Instead of plates, Beeler just puts his food right
      on the cafeteria tray.

      And then it begins. Glances from peers across the table. A small chuckle.

      Someone breaks the silence.

      “What happened to your plate?”

      Beeler shrugs his shoulders and takes another bite of his salad.

      “The plates here aren’t big enough,” he said.
      “It was a progression,” he said. “I was recognizing one-by-one things
      that aren’t good for my body.”
      The summer of 2012, Beeler read the book “Thrive.” Written by former
      Iron Man Brendan Brazier, the book showed how Brazier developed a
      whole-foods and plant-based diet to maximize his vitality for

      full story:

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