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20623(US/nv) BEING VEGAN – Plant-Based Food Choices Hav e Never Been Better

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  • AnimalConcerns.org
    Mar 23, 2013
      [Las Vegas Informer - opinion]

      We have always had a bounty of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts,
      legumes and seeds. There was, I am sure, a day when you didn’t have
      to worry about how these were grown and cared for. As long as we know
      where these foods are coming from and how they were grown, we can
      still enjoy a plentiful bounty. That part hasn’t changed. What has
      changed is the number of quality plant-based foods that are available
      now to supplement our eating regimens. This part has never been better
      and seems to be improving by the week. No matter where you stand on
      these products, we have to understand that it should be a goal to
      build a bridge into the mainstream of our culture and provide quality
      alternatives for those curious or transitioning into this conscious
      living and eating lifestyle.

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