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20440(US) The Cooking Channel Goes Vegan with New Show on Jan. 6

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  • AnimalConcerns.org
    Jan 2, 2013
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      Get ready vegan foodies. The Cooking Channel is starting off the new
      year by diving headfirst into the world of veganism with their new
      show on plant based cooking, “How To Live To 100″.

      With the first episode airing on Sunday January 6th at 8pm, we hope
      they’ll catch the newly converted vegans and vegan-curious who made it
      their new years resolution to drop animal products from their diet.
      And of course, the hordes of vegans who love watching cooking shows,
      but up until now have been forced to suffer through recipes filled
      with cream, meat, and eggs, and then figure out how to convert them
      into creature-free recipes.

      full story:

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