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20382New Mad Cowboy Newsletter: "Humans=Animals, Paleo Diet Untrue, Pizza Discount"

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  • soulveggie
    Nov 29, 2012
      At: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mad_Cowboy/message/97

      Howdy! Welcome to the 74th issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter!

      In this edition we are proud to announce the winners of last issue's Vegan Mind-Bender Contest and the Heart Healthy Pizza Cookbook Giveaway. There's also a gift-link for readers who want to purchase autographed copies of "Heart Healthy Pizza" at a Special Holiday discount. You'll also find a scathing and detailed rebuke of the "Paleo Diet" by Dr. John McDougall, disturbing historical statistics on soda and food serving sizes, and learn about internal concerns about outside food corporation's influence on Registered Dieticians.

      Francis Moore Lappe weighs in with a fine rebuttal on the recent Stanford study that disses organics, Paul Shapiro on why meat consumption in the US is falling, what several vegan nutritional experts think about specific food products, and how a vegan first ran a 100 mile brutal ultramarathon. Further down you'll marvel at a recent Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness that essentially equates humans and animals, how SHARK is using drones to video illegal pigeon shoots, Hurricane Sandy's impact on companion animals, and about the "microflora" inside you. And don't miss our Vegan Digital Media Theater where there's a plethora of interesting media links.

      ... as always, a tip of the hat to our new subscribers: y'all can browse/searchthrough past issues at the Mad Cowboy Newsletter Archives at:

      Best regards, Mark MC editor/webmaster

      00: Quote(s) from Howard
      01: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      02: Heart Healthy Pizza Cookbook Winner & a Special Holiday Discount!
      03: Mad Cow Info Round-Up
      04: Paleo Diet Cruel, Soda & Food Serving Sizes, Dietician Dilemma
      05: 15,000 Weather Records, Reckless Organics Study, Seasonal Food Map
      06: Vegan Digital Media Theater
      07: Giving Up Meat, Meat Sales Fall, Veg. Nutrition Experts, Run 100 Miles
      08: Human=Animals, Animal Rights Drones, Sandy & Pets, Bugs Inside U
      09: Quick Bytes
      10: Closing Thoughts