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20318Israeli vegan activists to protest animal 'Holocaust' by tattooing livestock numbers

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  • AnimalConcerns.org
    Nov 1, 2012
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      Dozens of animal rights activists are expected to descend on Tel
      Aviv's Rabin Square on Thursday, to protest against animal cruelty.

      The protest, which marks World Vegan Day, was organized by a group of
      vegan and animal rights activists who plan on tattooing their arms
      with the number 269 – a number that is branded into calves – as a sign
      that they identify with the suffering of livestock.

      More than 100 people have said they would attend the event, which its
      organizer, Tal Gilboa, hopes will make a lot of noise.

      This is not the first time the 269 group has organized a public
      display to walk the talk against animal cruelty. On October 2, World
      Farm Animals Day, members of the group put on a public display at
      Rabin Square in which they pretended they were farm animals and had
      other activists drag them – nearly naked – through cages, and branded
      their bodies with the number 269 using a white-hot branding iron. The
      activists hoped that by identifying with one calf, they could
      materialize the pain that animals suffer on a daily basis.

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