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19152(US/md) Advegures in Vegetarian Cuisine: The Land of Kush Soothin’ My Soul

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    May 1, 2011
      [Radar Redux: Baltimore Arts and Culture]

      Something about my brain chemistry in my few decades on this earth has
      never been compatible with the idea of vegetarianism. I’m told some of
      my first words were “medium rare” and upon moving to Baltimore I would
      say yes to just about anyone that offered to take me on a date to Fogo
      de Chao in the inner harbor. As of late though, my taste buds have had
      a sudden change of heart. Maybe it’s the overarching ecological
      footprint we’ve all become so aware of in the past few years, or
      perhaps it’s the recent outburst of media highlighting the unethical
      and unhealthy practices of the meat industry. Whatever the cause, the
      transition to more green, ecologically friendly foods is happening,
      and with the soul food offerings of the recently opened café The Land
      of Kush, you don’t have to beg me to go veg anymore.

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