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16596Midnight Audio Podcast Release from NZ

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  • Joseph Puentes
    Dec 31, 2008
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      HAPPY NEW YEARS: Midnight Audio Podcast Release from NZ

      This is the year: 2009. We need to do all we can to bring as much
      attention to the savagery that is affecting all the animals around the
      world that are being used to feed the WORLDS LUST FOR FLESH. We need to
      Stop CAFO's we need to stop animals being used to supply our food we
      need to STRONGLY ADDRESS that it is really impossible to call yourself
      an ENVIRONMENTALIST if you are not earnestly putting forth every effort
      to significantly reduce your intake of animals in your diet as you
      transition toward a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet/Lifestyle.

      I would like to welcome Aryan Tavakkoli of the New Zealand Vegetarian
      Society as she helps us start off the NEW YEAR with a spot on message
      relating the horrible waste of our Water Resources by partaking in a
      diet that is dependent on animals. Yes while many Third World countries
      struggle to find enough safe drinking water to drink each day the
      Developed World is flaunting its Water Waster attitude in a continued

      Here is the link (After Midnight) to her great audio presentation:
      http://h2opodcast.com/vsse.html#ww Please think of one person that eats
      meat but considers themselves an Environmentalist, just one to start.
      Download this audio presentation and then burn it onto a CD. Go up to
      that person, give them the CD and ask them to give you an evaluation of
      an audio presentation relating Vegetarianism to Water Resources. Pass
      the word on and lets get our Environmentalist Listening to these messages.

      I wish you a very Happy New Years and my sincerest Wish is for us as a
      community to work together to strongly bring more PEACE ON EARTH for ALL
      CREATURES! ! !



      Joseph Puentes
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