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  • Jeff Rogers
    Mar 31, 2008
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      Pasteurization Nation
      How fresh foods are freaking out the feds, and why you should care

      By Amelia Glynn, April 2008 | Healthy Living

      If you’re not nuts about nuts (sorry, we just couldn’t resist), the
      USDA’s recent ruling requiring all store-sold raw almonds to be
      pasteurized probably passed under your radar. And it’s true, for the
      average occasional nut-eater, the raw almond ban was unlikely to raise
      an eyebrow. After all, a nut’s a nut right? How much difference could
      there be between pasteurized and unpasteurized?

      Quite a lot, as it turns out. In the case of almonds, the difference
      is essentially one of life and death: a raw (living) almond can be
      sprouted and planted whereas a pasteurized almond cannot. And when you
      consider that almonds are just the latest target in the USDA’s
      campaign to pasteurize-whenever-possible, you might find it worth
      paying closer attention.

      “Outlawing food products in their natural state is a slippery slope,”
      says Janabai Amsden, co-owner of Euphoria Loves Rawvolution Café in
      Santa Monica, California. “We are cheapening our food from both a
      price and nutritional standpoint.”

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