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11883(US-ny) Awaiting the Food Tsar

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    Dec 1, 2006
      [New York Sun - opinion]

      Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn have come up with a plan to name a
      food policy "tsar." Just what we need.

      Not content to wait until the tsar is crowned, Council Member Alan
      Gerson threatened to get a head start on things by introducing a ban
      on the sale of foie gras here in Gotham. His proposal will be used as
      the opening wedge by animal rights activists ultimately to ban the
      sale of meat.

      For the moment, cooler heads have prevailed, as Mr. Gerson has held
      off for "further study." But one can be sure that this bill will
      resurface. A similar ban was recently passed in Chicago, and New
      York's municipal government seems even more committed to regulating
      and legislating what we decide to eat and drink.

      Foie gras is the enlarged liver of ducks which have been fed large
      amounts of food through a process known as gavage. It has been used
      for centuries. From most accounts, the ducks willingly submit to the
      procedure, which takes less than half a minute. Feeding ducks in this
      way two or three times a day for two to four weeks doesn't seem as
      "inhumane" as the inevitable end that farm-raised ducks have to look
      forward to, whether raised for foie gras or to be converted
      deliciously to Peking Duck and hang in the window of a restaurant in

      Raising animals for food has never been a pretty industry, and to
      those who equate the lives of animals with those of humans, it is
      something that must be ended on moral grounds. But ducks are not
      people. Maybe we should blame the late Mel Blanc. Could it be that the
      anti-meat activists have watched too many cartoons that give animals
      human voices and personalities?

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