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6728RE: [itsoracleteam] Tablespace free space not shrink

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  • Ishan joshi
    May 2, 2014
      Dear Dhwanil ,Bhavik and Team,

      Thank you for your responses, I had tried all the given solutions. My issue has been resolved now. I don't know  is it right solution or not but in my case it works. Please find my solution as follows

      1. I took export of that schema for the same.
      2. purge the tables which were consuming lots of space in db and then tried to shrink the table and tablespace. which was not happeded.
      3. At last I had drop all the objects and make the datafile empty. try to delete datafile but it is the only datafile of my tablespace, so it wasn't drop.
      4. final I had drop the tablespace with datafile. that makes free 14G size in OS filesystem.
      5. then import exported dump with TRANSFORM parameter where I have disables the SEGMENT_ATTRIBUTES  =n . with  that import I got my full backup and it was great relief that imported dump consuming only 532 MB space which was 14G prior.

      Thanks a lot...........!!!!

      Thanks & Regards,



      For reclaim high water mark space use oracle support doc id.


      Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 00:09:21 +0800
      From: dhwanil_18r@...
      Subject: Re: [itsoracleteam] Tablespace free space not shrink
      To: itsoracleteam@yahoogroups.com
      CC: ishanjoshi@...

      Few useful scripts:
      BlockMap - tablespace - whole Tablespace gap
      blockmap - datafile - Gap in datafile
      Datafile Segment Map - Objects in datafile
      Object at end
      Maxshrink.sql - How much you can reduce

      On Monday, 28 April 2014 9:03 PM, Dhwanil Raval <dhwanil_18r@...> wrote:
      You have objects at the end of datafile, which prevents this tablespace from resize. Identify those objects, move those objects, and then you can resize datafile.

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      On 28-Apr-2014, at 20:59, Ishan joshi <ishanjoshi@...> wrote:

      Hello Team,

      I am facing issue related to Operating system level space issue for /u01 partition. we are using oracle 11g EE.  While checking tablespace  space, I found one of my tablespace datafile showing 14G in DB as well as OS level (datafile). While checking the free space I found that the Tablespace is 99% free.

      Please find steps that I followed to release space.

      1. Truncate table that was carring huge data.
      2. shrink the table with shrink space compact parameter.
      3. shrink tablespace as per 11g features
      4. tried to resize the tablespace but it can resize till 13G only. but mesuring the free space it shows 99% free.

      Is there any way to reclaim free size from tablespace as Os level my /u01 partio

      Thanks & Regards,


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