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Writing Back in/and Translation

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  • Cecilia Wadensjö
    Writing Back in/and Translation An international conference to be held at the Department of Modern Languages, Umeå universitet (Sweden), on 6-7 November, 2003
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      Writing Back in/and Translation
      An international conference to be held at the Department of Modern Languages,
      Umeå universitet (Sweden), on 6-7 November, 2003

      Convenor: professor Raoul J. Granqvist

      In formal postcolonial jargon, writing back signifies an interplay where one
      cultural practice - commonly called the Western - is being modified,
      resisted or
      abandoned to give room for alternative modes of expression and creation. In its
      post-90 development towards the cultural turn, translation studies has
      conversely become occupied with ideological concerns. Who translates, and
      who/what is being (re-)translated? Where is the power?

      This conference will be preoccupied with a range of metonymies. The metonymics
      of translation, the "wandering" process informing cultural continuity and
      change, postulates the operation of different agencies (i.e., the writer as
      translator, the translator as writer) and different geophysical,
      ideological and
      cultural levels of representation (i.e., the migratory text as a mediation of
      both the local and the foreign). This conference will provide a forum for
      debates that examines the specific historical, social and political hegemonic
      patterns of postcolonial translation. Equally, it will thrive from and explore
      translation as a dynamic site of ambivalences in its location and
      re-location of
      new centres and peripheries. The writing-back that translates the migrant's
      experiences of the enforced or chosen setting will be juxtaposed with
      that of/by
      the postcolonial writer. In each case, what will be interesting for the
      conference to consider is the string of translations initiated both inside and
      outside of the 'first' text. The conference may address topics and
      questions such as

      ** the legitimacy of foreignizing or domesticating the hybrid text - in whose
      interest, how

      ** the politics of postcolonial translation - a shifting, re-establishing, or
      dissolving of centres, canons and institutions; minority-majority

      ** the writing back from the first world and the third world - differences and
      similarities in translation (audiences, options, claims)

      ** the supranational routing or transfer of the postcolonial text

      ** asylum, exile and migration projecting the postcolonial writing or
      translation - shaping of national, trans-national, hybrid belongings

      ** gender-oriented metonymics in postcolonial translation

      ** relativization, contraction and homogenization in postcolonial translation

      ** the creole, the pidgin, the dialect, the argot, the oral - from 'source
      language' to 'target language' (or back); whose source(s), whose target(s)

      ** lingua franca and (postcolonial) translation.

      Send abstract as attached file by 30 September, 2003, to:
      raoul.granqvist@... or hard copies to: Raoul J. Granqvist,
      Department of Modern Languages, Umeå universitet, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden.
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