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Conference program: Translating Figurative Language - Bologna

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  • Anthony
    Convegno internazionale / International Conference Tradurre Figure / Translating Figurative Language Bologna, 12-14 dicembre 2012 Website:
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      Convegno internazionale / International Conference
      Tradurre Figure / Translating Figurative Language
      Bologna, 12-14 dicembre 2012
      Website: www.lingue.unibo.it/tradurrefigure

      Speakers include:
      Umberto Eco, Gerard Steen, Zoltán Kövecses, Stefano Arduini, Christina Schäffner, Franco Nasi, Mirella Agorni, Patricia Godbout, and many others.

      Organized by:
      CeSLiC – Centro di Studi Linguistico-Culturali: ricerca - prassi – formazione, Università di Bologna
      In collaboration with: ILLE – Institut de recherche en langues et littératures européennes, Université de Haute-Alsace (France)

      Conference organizers:
      Donna R. Miller (donnarose.miller AT unibo.it)
      Enrico Monti (e.monti AT unibo.it)

      Conference location:
      Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, ITALY
      1) Aula Prodi, Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2, 40124 Bologna
      2) Aula Convegni, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, Via Cartoleria 5, 40124 Bologna

      Conference description:
      The conference aims at investigating issues related to the interlingual translation of figurative language. Metaphors, similes, metonyms, synecdoche, hyperboles and personifications are figures of speech which, far from being peculiar to literary discourse, have stylistic and cognitive functions in different types of discourse. Due to its peculiar density of linguistic and cultural factors, figurative language often proves challenging in the passage from one language to another: it is not by chance that some scholars (Dagut 1976; Broeck 1981) located figurative language at the limits of translatability, if not beyond. Translators have the task of adapting the world-view which has produced these instances of figurative language into the cultural paradigm and thus beliefs and values of the target-culture, and to do so while preserving that combination of force and levity which is its main prerogative.
      The three-day conference offers a rich programme of 55 papers focusing on various language pairs and registers/ genres and adopting diverse approaches to the issue. A theme-based volume of a peer-reviewed selection of articles (in English and Italian) will be published in 2013. The selection and reviewing process will be handled by the scientific committee of the conference. The book, edited by Donna R. Miller and Enrico Monti, will be published online in the collection Quaderni del Ceslic (AMS Acta - Università di Bologna), and a paper version is scheduled to follow in 2014.

      The conference languages are English and Italian.

      For more information, including registering to the conference as an auditor and/or seeing the defintive conference programme and abstracts booklet, please see: www.lingue.unibo.it/tradurrefigure

      Contact mail: tradurrefigure AT unibo.it
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