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Conference, Hong Kong, July 2011

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  • Anthony
    The Fourth Cross-Taiwan Straits Symposium on Translation and Intercultural Communication: Impacts and Perspectives
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2010
      The Fourth Cross-Taiwan Straits Symposium on Translation and Intercultural Communication: Impacts and Perspectives (`æŽl›œŠC›µg™_ŠÝŽl'nh–|æ¡äoŒ×•¶‰»Œð—¬Œ¤"¢˜ð: –|æ¡äoŒ×•¶‰»Œð—¬FÏ"bäoŽ‹Šp)

      8-10 July 2011, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Organized by the Translation Programme and the Centre for Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University

      The First Cross-Taiwan Straits Symposium on Translation and Intercultural Communication (CSSTIC) was held in Beijing (2005), the Second in Macao (2007) and the Third in Taiwan (2009). This one, the Fourth, will be its first convention in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has always been a major hub of cultural exchange between Chinese and Western cultures, and it has also played the most important role of a bridge in cultural exchange across the Taiwan Straits.

      The objectives of the Symposium are:

      (a) To create a forum for dialogue and exchange between scholars and academics from universities in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland on the latest developments in translation and intercultural communication studies;

      (b) To discuss the challenges and promises of translation and intercultural communication research in the greater Chinese region under the new circumstances of a greater hope for peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits; and

      (c) To explore the possibilities for closer collaboration between universities in the region, especially between HKBU and other universities in the region, in the field of translation and intercultural communication studies, in both research and teaching.

      The convention of this Symposium in Hong Kong would be of particular significance to HKBU in connection with the 20th anniversary of its Translation Programme and the 10th anniversary of the launch of the monthly Translation Seminar Series organized by the Centre for Translation of HKBU.

      Papers (in Chinese or English) are invited on the following topics:

      1. Translation and intercultural studies in the Chinese language regions: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
      2. The practice and theory of translation and interpreting
      3. Case studies in translation in the Chinese context
      4. Chinese and non-Chinese discourses on translation
      5. Chinese drama translation studies
      6. The development of degree programmes in translation in the Chinese language regions
      7. Cross-Taiwan Straits exchange and collaboration in the profession of translation and interpreting

      Proposals (500 characters in Chinese or 300 words in English) plus a short CV should be sent, by 30 September 2010 at the latest, to: ctn@....

      Contact email address: ctn@...
      Conference website: http://tran.hkbu.edu.hk/hktransym2011
    • Chris Durban
      Every two years, the SFT (French translators association: www.sft.fr) runs a three-day summer seminar for financial translators. This summer it is in
      Message 2 of 2 , May 4, 2010
        Every two years, the SFT (French translators' association: www.sft.fr)
        runs a three-day summer seminar for financial translators.
        This summer it is in Luxembourg. The program is up on the SFT site
        (see link in message below).
        I'm posting this information here for two main reasons:
        - The program is exceptional.
        For all those moaners and groaners who carry on about "ain't nobody
        respects translators", here you have three full days of senior (non-
        linguist) bankers and financial experts who are preparing
        presentations specifically for translators, in hot or about-to-be-hot
        topics. "Be there or be square" occurs...
        - Over the years, we've offered several scholarships for each of
        these seminars -- in the form of registration fee waived -- this goes
        back to the very beginning. We do this to lure dedicated academics and
        students to an event that should (will) remind them that translators
        need not be bottom-feeders and wannabes and living in garrets and all
        that jazz. Professional translation is a real profession, but only if
        you invest in specialization and really work at it.
        Sadly, *there are hardly ever any academics or students who apply*
        (true, the event interferes with summer vacation, but, hey, the very
        idea that anybody could be *teaching a course on, say, financial
        translation, in a university* and not be plugged into events like
        this, boggles the mind. --> My mind, anyway :-)).
        Forget my belly-aching above (which I realize does not apply to anyone
        involved in *translation studies* (worlds apart)) and please do
        forward this information to anyone you think might be interested.
        Chris Durban

        Christine Durban
        70 rue de Rome
        75008 Paris, France
        T�l +33 1 42 93 58 02
        Mob +33 6 37 92 82 05


        5�me Universit� d��t� de la traduction financi�re � Luxembourg, les 7,
        8 et 9 juillet 2010

        Si vous �voluez dans l�une des nombreuses sp�cialit�s du monde de la
        traduction financi�re, voici l�occasion d�encore mieux ma�triser votre
        sujet, d�actualiser vos connaissances sur des sujets pointus, de
        rencontrer des experts et de pratiquer le r�seautage avec vos coll�gues.

        Pour consulter le programme de cette conf�rence bisannuelle de la SFT,
        absolument unique en son genre, et pour vous inscrire, une seule
        adresse :


        - La plupart des intervenants sont directement issus du secteur
        financier. Ils pr�senteront leurs expos�s en fran�ais ou en anglais,
        et se pr�teront volontiers au jeu des questions-r�ponses.

        - Tout comme en 2008, nous avons pr�vu un atelier d��criture
        pour le jeudi apr�s-midi. (A German component will be added if there
        is sufficient interest).

        - Pour les members de ATA : ce s�minaire a �t� approuv� pour10
        �continuing education points�.

        - Pour les traducteurs et interpr�tes lib�raux install�s en
        France : s�minaire peut faire l'objet d'une prise en charge par le FIF-

        - Compte tenu de la forte demande, nous pr�voyons que les 100
        places disponibles seront rapidement prises. Si vous souhaitez
        participer � cette formation, inscrivez-vous sans tarder.

        Et si vous avez des questions, faites-nous signe ! Nous vous
        r�pondrons avec grand plaisir.

        Chris Durban / chris.durban@... / +33142935802

        Dominique Jonkers / dominique.jonkers@... / +32477942165


        5th Summer School for Financial Translators / Luxembourg, July 7-9, 2010

        If you work in financial translation -- in any of the many, many
        specialist areas this encompasses -- here�s your chance to consolidate
        your understanding of the big picture, gain up-to-date information on
        specific topics from industry experts, and network with peers.

        The full program for this unique biennial conference organized by the
        SFT is now up at


        You can register at the same address.

        Please note:

        - Most speakers work directly in the financial sector; their
        presentations will be in French or English, with ample time for

        - As in 2008, a writing workshop is scheduled on Thursday
        afternoon. (A German component will be added if there is sufficient

        - For freelancers based in France: this event qualifies for FIF-
        PL financing.

        - For ATA members: this event has been approved for 10
        continuing education points.

        - Given strong interest, we expect all 100 places to be taken.
        If you plan to attend, you should sign up quickly.

        And if you have questions, get in touch -- we�d be glad to answer them.

        Chris Durban / chris.durban@... / +33142935802

        Dominique Jonkers / dominique.jonkers@... / +32477942165

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