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Call for papers, Translation and Training

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  • Anthony
    Call for contributions Translation and Training JOSTRANS - The Journal of Specialised Translation www.jostrans.org JoSTrans is an electronic, peer-reviewed
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      Call for contributions
      Translation and Training

      JOSTRANS - The Journal of Specialised Translation

      JoSTrans is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal bringing non-literary translation issues to the fore. Published bi-annually, it includes articles, reviews and streamed interviews by translation scholars and professionals.

      The Journal of Specialised Translation will publish a special issue on translation and training in 2011 and is inviting contributions on any aspect of the area. Suggested topics might relate to but not limited to:

      ƒÞ Translator training : bridging theory and the profession
      ƒÞ Technology and translator training
      ƒÞ Process- versus task/product-oriented approaches to translator training
      ƒÞ Competence-based approaches to translator training
      ƒÞ Professional realism in translator training
      ƒÞ Flexibility versus standardisation (e.g. European Master¡¦s in Translation- EMT) in translator training
      ƒÞ Student empowerment (e.g. social constructivism ) in translator training
      ƒÞ Translator training and languages of limited diffusion

      We welcome contributions of full length papers and shorter, more practical pieces for the Translator¡¦s Corner section of the Journal.

      All contributions, articles (between 4000-7000 words), Reviews (500-800 words), and shorter pieces are to be sent to the guest editor Michail Sachinis, michail.sachinis05@... or michail.sachinis@... by the end of January 2011.

      The journal style sheet can be downloaded from
    • Javier Franco
      Call for papers: *MonTI 3 (January, 2011) Woman and Translation* Editors: Luise von Flotow – *University of Ottawa* José Santaemilia – *Universitat de
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        Call for papers:

        *MonTI 3 (January, 2011)
        Woman and Translation*

        Luise von Flotow – *University of Ottawa*
        José Santaemilia – *Universitat de València*

        This volume is an attempt to open up a space for reflection on the complex
        intersections between *women* and *translation* –two categories which over
        the last two or three decades have revealed to be complex and unstable
        constructions, rich in linguistic, cultural and ideological associations. A
        wealth of disciplines, some of them very recent, are enlarging the
        analytical and research horizons –among them we can mention gender and
        sex(uality) studies, feminism, pragmatics, cultural studies, postmodernist
        perspectives, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, feminist translation,
        descriptive translation studies, and many more.

        As a result of this richness of perspectives, the intersection between women
        and translation has grown exponentially, allowing a variety of lines of
        research unthought of just a few years ago, when both 'woman' and
        'translation' were no more than marginal categories in language and culture.
        The papers for this issue should focus on one of the following topics, among
        * The translation of works written by women.
        * Works translated by women, no matter the genre.
        * The task and work of ‚translators’ vs. ‚translatresses’
        * Feminist translation
        * The metaphors linking women and translation: a review of traditional
        metaphors; new metaphors.
        * The translation of sex and the (female) body.
        * The translation of margins –whether social, sexual or personal– and of
        * The presence of sexist traits in any translation.
        * Women, translation and new literary/translatological canons.

        We especially wish to invite papers which encourage:

        (1) Cross-disciplinary perspectives.
        (2) Challenging proposals, with a focus on political or ideological
        (3) Practical analyses of translations; but also
        (4) A revaluation of the basic theoretical tenets linking 'woman’ and

        We also invite 2,000-word reviews of any book related to translation, most
        especially those dealing with gender and translation.

        Submission of proposals and deadlines
        Full-text proposals (in English, Catalan, Spanish, German or French) should
        be addressed to the *MonTI* Secretary ( <jesus.zanon@...>
        by June 30, 2010. Title and 150-word abstract should be delivered in two
        languages: in English and in any other of the journal’s languages.

        The editors will notify acceptance of proposals by the end of September,
        Expected date of publication is 2011.

        Contact details
        Please contact anyone of both guest editors for questions regarding the
        scientific contents of the volume. Use any of the journal’s languages for
        correspondence with the guest editors. Answers will be sent in Catalan,
        Spanish or English. Please state your preferred language for replies if you
        use French or German.

        José Santaemilia – jose.santaemilia@...
        Luise von Flotow - luisevonflotow@...

        Any operational questions should be addressed to the journal Secretary or to
        the general editor. Please use English, French, Spanish or Catalan in your
        correspondence with *MonTI*. Instructions on working languages, extension of
        papers and style notes for authors may be found at:


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