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Conference, Montenegro, September 2007

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  • Anthony Pym
    Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:58:48 +0200 From: Reine Meylaerts Subject: Call for papers *UNIVERSITY OF MONTENEGRO * *INSTITUTE
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      Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:58:48 +0200
      From: Reine Meylaerts <Reine.MEYLAERTS@...>
      Subject: Call for papers




      *Herceg Novi, Montenegro September 16 - 18, 2007*


      The Institute of Foreign Languages, University of Montenegro,
      organizes the second conference on intercultural communication
      entitled "Languages and Cultures in Contact". The first conference
      was organized in Koper, Slovenia, in June 2005. The idea is to look
      into intercultural communication through different fields of study
      and research. The conference is aimed at bringing together theories
      and practices, linguistic research, translation practices,
      pedagogical principles and teaching experience in introducing
      intercultural communication in the teaching/learning process and
      literature as a means of promoting Intercultural communication.

      The following topics have been identified for the Conference:

      1. Intercultural communication and language diversity - Linguistic
      studies referring to intercultural communication, such as linguistic
      anthropology, discourse analysis, pragmatics, semantics, gender
      issues, linguistic representations of minorities, contrastive
      rhetorical devices, as well as sociolinguistic issues (bilingualism,
      neighbouring languages, lingua franca, etc.), Common European
      Framework of Reference for Languages in the light of the European and
      global space of education and plurilingualism etc.

      2. Translation/Interpreting as intercultural mediation - Translation
      and interpreting as a way of facilitating contacts between cultures,
      issues of translating and interpreting different culture-specific
      language concepts etc.

      3. Intercultural communication and language teaching/learning
      methodology - Approaches and methods promoting intercultural
      communication and tolerance in both mother tongue and foreign
      languages, creating curricula promoting intercultural communication
      and tolerance, benefits and good examples of European language
      portfolio, examples of good teaching practice etc.

      4. Literatures as promoters of intercultural communication -
      Literature and literary studies as a way of promoting intercultural
      communication and tolerance, reception of foreign and minority
      literatures, representation of cultural and minority groups in
      literature, etc.

      Talks should be up to 20 minutes long and will be followed by a 10
      minute discussion. Workshops should be up to 45 minutes long and will
      be followed by a 10 minute discussion.

      Languages of the Conference are English, French, German, Italian,
      Russian and Montenegrin/Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian.

      Deadline for submission of a proposal for a presentation/workshop is
      May 31, 2007.

      Deadline for participants who want to attend the conference is June
      30, 2007.

      To submit a paper or register for the conference, please follow the
      instructions on the conference website, where you will also find
      further information about accommodation, travel, etc.:
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