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Conference Taiwan Jan 2006

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  • Anthony Pym
    DEADLINE EXTENDED 10th Taiwan Symposium on Translation and Interpretation Training MODELLING THE PROCESSES OF TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION Taipei, January
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2005
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      10th Taiwan Symposium on Translation and Interpretation Training


      Taipei, January 14-15th, 2006

      Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation Studies (GITIS),
      College of Foreign Languages and Literatures
      Fujen Catholic University, Taipei


      (circulars will be posted on GITIS website
      in English and Chinese)

      Background: Since the first Symposium in this series was organised
      by GITIS in 1997, successive events have been hosted in alternation
      with National Taiwan Normal University's Graduate Institute of
      Translation and Interpretation (NTNU-GITI) and Chang Jung Christian
      University's Department of Applied Languages for Interpretation and

      In 2006 GITIS will be hosting the Symposium for the fourth time.
      This will also be the first time that participation from the wider
      international T & I research community is actively invited.

      The symposium will bring together participants from the
      international research community and T & I students, researchers and
      trainers from the main T & I centers in Taiwan. All past symposia in
      the series have attracted over 200 participants and have been widely
      reported in local media.

      Selected papers will be published in the Journal of the Taiwan
      Association of T & I Studies. Both members and non-members of the
      Taiwan T & I Research Association are invited to send in an abstract.

      Invited Speakers

      Confirmed keynote speakers include:

      Ø Franz Poechhacker (University of Vienna). Author of An
      Introduction to Interpreting Studies and co-author of The
      Interpreting Studies Reader.

      Ø Arnt Lykke Jakobsen (Center for Research and Innovation in
      Translation and Translation Technology, Copenhagen Business School )
      Inventor and developer of the widely adopted translation research
      programme TRANSLOG.

      Organizing Committee

      Nicholas Koss, (Dean, Fu Jen College of Foreign Languages)
      Robin Setton (Director, GITIS)
      Yang Chengshu (Professor, Japanese-Chinese Section, GITIS).
      Chou Chungtien (President,Taiwan Association of Translation and
      Lai Shou-cheng (Director, Graduate Institute of Translation and
      Interpreting, National Taiwan Normal University)
      Shane Lee (Chair, Department of Applied Languages for Interpretation
      and Translation, Chang Jung Christian University)
      Andrew Dawrant, Director, Graduate Institute of Interpretation
      Studies, Shanghai International Studies University

      Call for papers

      The focus of this year's conference will be on modelling translation
      and interpretation processes. We especially welcome contributions
      which describe methodologies for exploring and modelling the
      processes of

      Ø written translation (keystroke logging, think-aloud
      protocols, questionnaires, experimental methods, etc.)
      Ø interpreting, including conference interpretation
      (consecutive or simultaneous), courtroom, business, community,
      diplomatic, `dialogue' and other forms of speech or sign-language
      Ø other forms of T & I including subtitling, telephone
      interpreting, adaptive translation, etc.

      Papers on aspects of T & I training or practice which, while not
      describing process research methodologies per se, nevertheless offer
      new empirically-based insights into T & I as communicative or
      cognitive processes, will also be considered.

      Accepted papers will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation, plus
      10 minutes for questions and discussion. To improve interaction
      among scholars, we invite all participants to prepare either a hand-
      out, a computer-assisted presentation, or transparencies, or a
      combination of these.

      Scholars are also encouraged to organize workshops dealing with
      specific topics, which should be open to all participants (contact
      us with proposals).

      Guidelines and deadlines for the submission of abstracts

      Abstracts should (i) clearly state the topic/problem of the paper
      and the research questions to be discussed, (ii) specify the
      approach or method and data used, and (iii) announce the (expected)
      results. They should be anonymous, written in Chinese or English and
      contain no more than 750 words (or 1000-1500 Chinese characters),
      exclusive of references. When printed out, the title and body should
      fit on a single page of 12-point type, with 2 cm. margins.

      The deadline for receipt of abstracts from abroad has been extended
      to OCTOBER 12TH, 2005. Please submit your abstract to:

      Abstracts will be reviewed anonymously. Submitters will be notified
      of acceptance by October 25th, 2005 (by e-mail). Full papers should
      then be submitted by December 14th, 2005 for publication in the pre-
      conference proceedings.

      A detailed programme will be posted and circularised at the end of

      Conference fee

      Registration before December 19th: 400 NT (Students: 200 NT)
      Registration on or later than December 20th : 800 NT

      Travel and accommodation

      Participants are invited to make their own arrangements for travel
      and accommodation, but may contact us for a list of hotels and rooms
      available at the Fujen University Guesthouse.

      Contact details :

      Ms CHEN Chiu-yin
      Dean's Office, College of Foreign Languages and Literatures
      Fujen Catholic University
      510 Chungcheng Rd.
      Hsinchuang, Taipei 242
      Tel: +886-2-2905-3738
      Fax: +886-2-2905-2174
      E-mail: japa0001@...


      GITIS: http://www.gitis.fju.edu.tw
      Taiwan Association for Translation and Interpretation:
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