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Localization World Seattle: October 25-27, 2005

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  • Donna Parrish
    Localization World is the foremost networking organization in the world for buyers, sellers and practitioners of globalization, localization and translation
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2005
      Localization World is the foremost networking organization in the world for
      buyers, sellers and practitioners of globalization, localization and
      translation services. The focus of this year¹s annual North American
      Localization World conference is on ³Translation Technology.² The current
      localization business model is too manual. Many corporations in IT, medical,
      automotive and other industries as well as localization service providers
      have invested in translation workflow or are at least exploring its
      potential benefits. Is it a make or buy decision? At Localization World
      Seattle, experience and knowledge about ³translation workflow² will be
      shared in both a full-day preconference workshop and in a double panel

      Translation technology will also be the hottest topic in the keynote forum
      with industry leaders Rory Cowan and Mark Lancaster, the CEOs of the
      localization industry¹s two largest companies: Lionbridge and SDL. With the
      perspective of the recent mergers in the industry, it will be most revealing
      to witness the visions they will present under the guidance of Hans
      Fenstermacher, chair of the GALA organization.

      Technology undoubtedly plays a major role in Google¹s globalization
      strategy, as will be presented in the second conference day keynote by Adam
      Freed, director of globalization at Google Inc.

      Localization World Seattle brings you a wide spectrum of valuable content,
      not just limited to translation technology. There will be an exciting panel
      discussion on online-bidding for localization services with representatives
      from Sun, Ariba and Moravia. There will be cases of localization services
      and technology presented by industry leading companies such as Symantec,
      Avaya, Krones AG and Dade Behring. Managers from SAS Institute and MAQUET
      Critical Care will debate the benefits of controlled authoring. Experts from
      Bowne Global Solutions will discuss the use of Web Services technology in
      translation. In another experts panel, delegates from Tektronix, WebMethods
      and Enlaso will review the merits of a tight integration of translation
      tasks. (For a complete overview of the LW Seattle program, see:

      But don¹t come to Localization World Seattle just for the main conference.
      Make sure to benefit from excellent preconference day workshops on:
      * Translation Workflow, Make or Buy?
      * Different Approaches to Machine Translation
      * Introduction to Medical Localization
      * Exploring Issues in Terminology Management
      * Medical Localization Round Table
      * Localization Management in a Distributed Environment
      * The GALA Annual Meeting

      As always, Localization World offers optimal opportunities for networking at
      the industry¹s largest exhibition hall throughout the conference and in the
      evenings during a friendly and interesting social program. For more
      information about Localization World, contact info@....

      Early registration discount for Localization World Seattle ends September 9,

      Donna Parrish
      Donna Parrish, MultiLingual Computing, Inc.
      319 N. First Avenue, Sandpoint, ID 83864 USA
      208-263-8178 http://www.multilingual.com
      Localization World, October 25-27, 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA
      Details available at http://www.localizationworld.com
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