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774conference Berlin 2003

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  • Anthony Pym
    Jun 3, 2003
      You are invited to attend the IWIPS 2003 Conference - "Where East
      Meets West"

      Berlin, July 17-19

      About IWIPS 2003
      "In 2003, Europe finds itself adapting to an expanded union of East
      and West, while striving to understand the cultural nuances and
      requirements of the new emerging markets."

      The 5th annual conference - IWIPS 2003 - Where East meets West
      represents a unique opportunity for leading researchers and
      corporate leaders to exchange perspectives on emerging European
      markets. What do customers demand and expect? What are
      the cultural differences? How does internationalisation help prepare
      your product or system for a new market? What is the difference
      between Internationalisation and Localization? How can organisations
      be successful in meeting users' needs across Europe?

      The International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and
      Systems (IWIPS) is committed to open exchange and dialogue about the
      best methods to meet the diverse needs of the world's users.

      Participate in discussions with industry experts on what can be done
      to bridge
      the divide between Eastern and Western approaches. Hear
      presentations from leading
      firms and organizations on the work they are doing to understand and
      meet the
      specific requirements of different cultures. Understand the emerging
      and learn how they are being addressed.

      Join colleagues dedicated to bringing cultural internationalisation
      to other organizations and industries to meet the needs of a unified

      Register Now to Attend IWIPS 2003
      Early registration rates available until June 17 2003!

      IWIPS 2003 is the premier industry event where leading researchers
      and corporate
      leaders come together to discuss and exchange practical information
      on the internationalisation
      and localisation of products and systems. Join global experts from
      and academia to hear how leading companies are currently
      implementing the latest
      cultural, usability, and market research.

      The IWIPS conference is a dynamic forum where leaders can discuss
      the issues
      facing the industry, share research, and promote the exchange of
      ideas and information
      from around the world. Attendees will leave the conference with
      valuable contacts,
      knowledge and skills that can be readily applied in their own
      organizations and

      The IWIPS 2003 - Program will cover internationalisation and
      localisation in
      reference to e-business and web applications, case studies,
      usability, methods
      and processes, mobile applications and design guidelines. Program
      details are
      online now at http://www.iwips2003.org/index.php?contentID=4

      Tutorials will be held by Susan Dray, Dray & Associates, Inc.; Nancy
      Hoft, Nancy Hoft Consulting and Aaron Marcus, Aaron Marcus and
      Associates, Inc.

      Keynote speakers are Bert Esselink, Lionbridge, NL; Nancy Hoft,
      Nancy Hoft Consulting, USA, and Pat O'Sullivan, IBM, Ireland.

      For more information, please visit http://www.iwips2003.org