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765Conference in Rome 2004

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  • Anthony Pym
    Apr 28, 2003
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      Second Circular Letter and Call for Papers
      International Conference
      Translating with Computer-Assisted Technology:
      Changes in Research, Teaching, Evaluation, and Practice

      Hosted by the
      University of Rome "La Sapienza"
      With the support of
      American Bible Society (ABS) Interactive, Society of Biblical
      Literature, Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship, The European
      Society of Translation Studies (EST), and
      The Louvain Research Center for Translation, Communication, and
      Culture (CETRA)

      April 14, 15, 16, 2004

      Conference Theme
      The theme of this conference asserts that computer-assisted
      technology and the digitization of information have changed the
      theory and practice of translating, both globally and irreversibly.
      From one point of view, computer-assisted technology has brought
      only minimal and cosmetic change. Computers just help us work
      faster, smarter.
      But from another point of view, computer-assisted technology and
      digitization have radically transformed not just the surface
      structure of this profession, but also its deep internal structures
      as well. And they have done so in ways that we only now begin to
      fathom, whether we are speaking of biblical, literary, technical,
      scientific, audio-visual, or multimedia translating.

      Honor Committee
      Professor Giuseppe D'Ascenzo, Rector of the University of
      Rome "a Sapienza"
      Fulco Lanchester, Dean, Division of Arts and Letters, University of
      Eugene A. Nida, American Bible Society
      Trevón Gross, Senior Vice President, American Bible Society
      Kent Harold Richards, Executive Director, Society of
      Biblical Literature
      Conference Organizers
      Giuseppe Castorina (University of Rome "La Sapienza")
      Stefano Arduini (University of Urbino, CETRA)
      Robert Hodgson (ABS Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship)
      Advisory Committee
      Gideon Toury, European Society for Translation Studies
      Carlo Buzzetti, Salesian University, Rome
      Jaro Lajovic, European Association for Machine Translation
      John Walter, ABSInteractive
      Elena Maria Miranda-Fernandez, European Commission Translation

      Scientific Committee:
      Philip Noss, United Bible Societies
      Adina Hamik, Nida Institute
      José Lambert, Louvain, CETRA
      Mona Baker, University of Manchester Institute for Science and
      Patrick Durusau, Society of Biblical Literature
      Anthony Pym, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
      Tomás Albaladejo, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
      Joseph Crockett, Nida Institute
      Robert Pritchett, Logos Bible Software
      Tan Zaixi, Hong Kong Baptist University
      Robert Fowler, Baldwin-Wallace College
      Ubaldo Stecconi, European Commission Translation Services

      José María Jimenez Cano, University of Murcia
      Frank Austermuehl, University of Mainz
      Christiana Schaeffner, Aston University
      Plenary Speakers:
      Yves Gambier, University of Turku
      Steven deRose, Brown University, World Wide Web Consortium
      Kees de Blois, United Bible Societies
      The University of Rome "La Sapienza" will provide the
      conference venue. With over150,000 students and 10,000 faculty, "La
      Sapienza" ranks as Europe's largest universities and one of its most
      respected centers of research and teaching.

      Please submit proposals of no more than 500 words in MSWord Format
      no later than July 31, 2003. Submit to Robert Hodgson at
      RHodgson@..., arduini@... and ssit@... and
      Giuseppe Castorina at giuseppe.castorina@.... The scientific
      committee will return its decision by September 2003.

      Conference Fee
      The Conference fee includes registration, documentation,
      coffee service, and 1 banquet. The third circular letter will
      include a registration form and information on payment of fees.
      Fee…………(150 Euro)
      Students……(75 Euro)

      Travel and Lodging
      The conference conveners have arranged for a premier travel
      service to assist with plans for flight, rail and lodging. Please
      contact Dottor Massimo Accardi, President, MarimaX Travel, Via
      Cipro, 47, I 00136 Rome (Vatican Museums); 39/06/39 73 07 12
      (phone); marimax@... (please use email whenever
      possible); Web site at http://marimaxtravel.it; 39/06/39 73 07 12

      Third Circular Letter
      If you wish a copy of the third circular letter, please send
      an email to RHodgson@.... The third circular will
      supply additional information about the program, accommodation,
      travel, registration, and local arrangements.