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727Re: [itit] Natural bilinguals...practitioners point of view...

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  • W. Fred Roy III
    Feb 10, 2003
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      I'm entering this conversation without having the benefit of having
      read in toto all that's been said before. With that in mind...

      I work in English and American Sign Language and our profession has
      developed quite an opinion of "bilinguals--who are not educated in
      both their languages..."

      It appears that these interpreters do quite well, until placed in
      language structures, that on the surface, require educational
      experiences that go beyond their education. Seems so obvious now that
      I read over it, but quite frankly, it appears our profession,
      world-wide, is still struggling with the educational formula for


      Required: Bilingual/Bicultural Fluency in two or more
      languages--Undergraduate degree, liberal arts, major in two or more
      Required: Masters Degress in Interpretation/Translation Theory,
      Research and Practice, with a full 1-3 year mentored practicum with
      Certification/Licensure as Exit Examination.

      Without a constant and vigilant focus on the above, the "turn-stile"
      repetitive discussion on how to "patch" or "fix" already weak
      educational systems will doggedly chase us into our retirement!


      W. Fred Roy III
      5108 North Illinois Street
      Indianapolis, IN 46208
      cell 317-414-4566
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