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724Re: [itit] Translation ability of natural bilinguals

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  • Diana Berber
    Feb 4, 2003
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      A very interesting question that directly touches several of us. I
      consider myself bilingual Spanish-English, and my children (ages 10 and
      9) are bilingual Spanish-Finnish and have a good understanding of
      English since at home we speak the three languages: children + I
      Spanish, children + father Finnish, father/husband + I English. I do
      have some bibliography at home (not much) which I will try to forward in
      the near future. Also, one of my students of translation (Sp-Fi) is
      preparing a seminar paper on translation in bilingual children, I will
      be happy to share the results. She will be working with my children
      among others.
      And as many bilinguals, there is alwoays this question: do you really
      consider yourself bilingual? I have worked both as translator and
      interpreter, and I do realize (and humbly accept) non-bilinguals do find
      better solutions much quicker. But on the other hand I would not
      consider myself "a very bad translator" or "a very bad interpreter"!
      Diana Berber
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