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647Call for Papers

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  • apym1
    Aug 7, 2002
      We wish to draw the attention - rather belatedly - of readers of this
      newsgroup to the following Workshop which will take place in
      November, and encourage you to submit papers and participate.
      The deadline for extended abstracts for readers of this posting is
      August 15th.
      Please note that despite the title of the workshop we are interested
      in all aspects of computer tools in the training of translators.

      C A L L F O R P A P E R S

      6th EAMT Workshop: Teaching Machine Translation
      14 - 15 November 2002
      Venue: UMIST, Manchester, England
      Web-site: http://www.ccl.umist.ac.uk/events/eamt-bcs/cfp.html

      Call for Papers

      The sixth EAMT Workshop will take place on 14-15 November
      2002 hosted by the Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST,
      Manchester, England.

      The following topics are of interest ("CAT" includes all types of
      computer-based translation aids):

      why and to whom should CAT be taught?
      teaching the theoretical background of CAT/MT: linguistics,
      computer science, translation theory
      addressing preconceptions about CAT/MT in the classroom
      the use of commercial translation software in hands-on teaching
      teaching computational aspects of MT to non-computational
      web-based distance learning of MT
      MT education and industry: bridging the gap between academia
      and the real world
      teaching pre- and post-editing skills to MT users
      teaching MT evaluation
      building modules or `toy' MT systems in the laboratory
      experiences of the evaluation of MT instruction
      the role of MT in language learning
      translation studies and CAT/MT

      We invite submissions of an extended abstract of your proposed
      paper, up to two pages, summarizing the main points that will be
      made in the actual paper.

      Submissions will be reviewed by members of the Programme
      Authors of accepted papers will be asked to submit a full version
      of the paper, maximum 12 pages, which will be included in the

      A stylefile for accepted submissions will be available in due course.

      Initially, an extended abstract should be sent, preferably by email
      as an attachment in any of the standard formats (doc, html, pdf,
      or as plain text, to Harold.Somers@....

      Otherwise, hardcopy can be sent to:
      Harold Somers, Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST, PO
      Box 88,
      Manchester M60 1QD, England, or by fax to +44 161 200 3091.

      (Extended) deadline, August 15th, 2002.
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