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507AW: [itit] Re: world-wide query..."...abilities and skills...expected...of translator?"

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  • JohnDGraham@t-online.de
    Nov 20, 2001
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      Just by the way,

      many years ago (somewhere around 1960) the school of languages in Monterrey
      produced a language test. It was intended for use to determine whether
      people had the capacity to learn a foreign language. Its target language
      was purely synthetic and the grammar rules were a bit of this and a bit of
      that. I remember that the top mark was 57 out of 57 (or was it 59?) and the
      pass mark was 22. At that time, I was at a language school and a colleague
      and I were asked to test it out and we turned out to be at genius level! I
      have no idea whether this test ever gor any further.

      KIndest regards


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      > skills...expected...of translator?"
      > I was asked whether I know a way to test the excellent command of the
      > target languages. No, I do not know. And I don´t think that a test will
      > once and forever prove one´s command of the language, especially when it
      > comes to the way a translator must know the language.
      > It is more as an ideal, an aim for a coming translator.
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