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462Teaching of scientific translation

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  • Brian Mossop
    May 9, 2001
      Would anyone in this e-group be interested in a discussion of how to teach
      the translation of scientific texts specifically (that is, texts in the
      natural sciences, as opposed to technical texts)? I ask for completely
      selfish reasons, since I'm going to be teaching sci. translation this fall
      for the first time in 10 years, and am hoping to glean some ideas from
      others with experience in this area.

      I hope this topic falls within the purposes of this group. I'm sure our
      Moderator will advise if it's unsuitable.

      Also, while we await news from the two upcoming ITIT training seminars,
      perhaps members would like to come forward with other topics for discussion.
      For example, what about book reviews? Preferably something controversial,
      like Don Kiraly's book on the social constructivist approach to translator
      training. Just a thought.

      Brian Mossop
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