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  • Laura Chumillas
    Jan 15, 2001
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      QUESTION 1: What POINTS do you check out while assessing a translation?

      Style (that the text DOES NOT sound like a translation)
      False friends
      Use of references (and browsing the WEB in search of references)
      Familiarity with specialized UN terminology

      We translate parliamentary documentation for the governing body of our
      organization so we expect from the translators to keep abreast of issues
      related to the organization's field of expertise.

      QUESTION 2: What abilities and skills do you expect of a first-line

      A first-line translator should:

      be computer literate (able to use comfortably computer-assisted translation
      programs, information retrieval and management systems, e-mail
      applications, voice recognition systems and to browse the Web in search of
      references and information)

      have a deep knowledge of the source language, so as to grasp every shade of

      have a deep knowledge of the target language to release the meaning of the
      source text in the most accurate and faithful way

      be mature enough to apply common sense when necessary and adapt the facts
      to the target language reality

      keep in mind the purpose of the text he/she is translating and the reader
      to which is intended

      know about terminology and be able to create/adapt neologism to the target

      have a feeling for research and apply it when translating specialized
      subjects he/she is not familiar with

      have managerial skills
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