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431Conference: Corpus Use and Learning to Translate

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  • Anthony Pym
    May 25, 2000
      Second International Conference on Corpus Use and Learning to Translate
      Bertinoro, Italy

      Friday 3 November and Saturday 4 November 2000

      Aims and Topics

      CULT 2000 follows the 2-day International Workshop organized by the School
      for Interpreters and Translators of Bologna University in Forlì in November
      1997 (http://www.sslmit.unibo.it/cult.htm/). The aim of the Conference is to
      bring together practitioners and theorists sharing an interest in the design
      and use of corpora in translation-related areas, with special reference to
      translator and interpreter training. Contributions in the form of papers,
      demonstrations and posters are sought on the following topics:
      Translation/Interpreting-specific issues relating to the design,
      construction and use(s) of corpora
      Integrating corpus work into courses for translators/interpreters
      Corpus-based language learning/teaching for translators/interpreters
      Implications of corpus use with respect to theories of
      The respective roles of corpora, conventional reference tools, and other
      computational translation aids
      The World Wide Web as a translation/interpreting corpus
      Corpora and terminology
      Corpus-based descriptive translation studies in the classroom

      Keynote Speakers
      Kirsten Malmkjær (Middlesex University)
      Tony McEnery (Lancaster University)

      Bertinoro is a beautiful little town on the Romagna hills, renowned for its
      warm hospitality and its good wine. The University Conference Centre is set
      in a recently renovated medieval fortress dominating the town. The view
      stretches from the mountains of Tuscany to the Adriatic sea. You can have a
      look for yourself at: http://www.spbo.unibo.it/bertinoro/eindice.html

      Scientific Committee
      Guy Aston (University of Bologna)
      Mona Baker (UMIST - Manchester)
      Lynne Bowker (University of Ottawa)
      Jennifer Pearson (Dublin City University)
      Stig Johansson (University of Oslo)
      Krista Varantola (University of Tampere)

      Organizing Committee
      Silvia Bernardini
      Dominic Stewart
      Federico Zanettin
      Address for correspondence
      SSLMIT - CULT 2000
      Corso della Repubblica 136
      47100 Forli
      Tel.: +39 0543 450 307/304
      Fax: +39 0543 450 306
      e-mail: mailto:cult2k@...
      WWW: http://www.sslmit.unibo.it/cult2k/

      Proposals for contributions relating to any of the topics listed above
      should reach the organizing committee not later than June 15 complete with
      abstracts of about 500 words. All proposals will be reviewed. For further
      details about the submission procedure please refer to the Conference Web
      page or contact the organizing committee at the addresses above.
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