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3095Chinese Literature and Culture (ISSN 2332-4287) Holds First Literary Event in Guangzhou, China

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  • Dongwei Chu@Yahoo
    Jun 26, 2014
      Dear all,
      Just to share the joy of success with my Saturday event:
      You can see the success of the event by having a glimpse of the photos and videos here:
      A group of Chinese and Western translators read their English translations of contemporary Chinese stories, five of the six stories are contributions to Chinese Literature and Culture. Some American, Canadian and British professors commented on the stories.
      US Library of Congress prepublication ISSNs of the journal:
      Chinese literature and culture (Online)
      ISSN 2334-1122
      Chinese literature and culture (Print)
      ISSN 2332-4287
      Hope more volunteer translators and editors will join us in the future issues of the journal.
      Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any idea.
      Best regards,
      Chu Dongwei
      PhD, associate professor
      School of Translation
      Guangdong University of Foreign Studies